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Email me now to recieve one free hour of work. If you have a small problem you need fixed, or want to get my opinion on a strategy you are implementing, or want me to review your web presence. I will be happy to do it.
My normal consulting/freelance fee is $50 per hour.

About Elijah Desent

GOOGLE Candy Search Engine OptimizationElijah Desent has been involved in the website design and internet marketing arena for over eight years.  He is dedicated to developing quality content and design that gives the user/consumer/client what they need.  Never has his strategies been penalized by GOOGLE.  The reason for this is that every strategy is not developed to just increase search engine positions but to deliver more to the end user.  The idea is to make your website GOOGLE CANDY and raise your domain authority as a whole by making users happy. The most important thing Elijah sees the need for in the industry is a success strategy. 

Many people have an idea of where they want to be online but they don't understand the process.  All the marketing services online have a purpose if you are not using them correctly you can waste money easily. Elijah Desent develops strategies starting with visitor flows, internet presence reports, social media benefits, and more. Elijah Desent has experience with e-commerce and service providing sites such as a lawyer, doctor, plumber, etc...   If you need consulting or freelance work done, please contact Elijah Desent today.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Rhode Island Search Engine optimizationSearch Engine Optimization – This is the process of improving you organic search results placements. SEO is one of the most important aspects of your online business it allows for the most ROI (Return on Investment). There is not one thing that I do that magically puts a client on the top of GOOGLE it comes down to a good strategy and some hard work. One thing that is important is to never take the easy route there is no such thing check out Google’s SEO Guidelines – What to look for in a SEOer.

Taking the easy way out only leads to a hurt reputation online. As a business you need to be striving to increase your online reputation and protect it. If your website needs more visibility contact me today and I will put together a plan that will put you ahead of your competitors. If you need a consultant for anything SEO I can be a great resource for you and your SEO team.

Paid Search (Adwords, Adcenter, and More)

Analytics (Search, Social, Phone and More)

ri analytics and trackingAnalytics / Tracking is the important piece of the internet marketing puzzle without it you only can make decisions on experience.  With the correct analytics software  implemented you can track every aspect of your internet presence.   Some small sites you may be able to just use GOOGLE ANALYTICS  and GOOGLE VOICE numbers. But many times you will need a full-fledged dynamic  phone tracking software that integrates into your Google Analytics to get enough information to make informed decisions in your internet marketing efforts. Some other fun tools to use are heat maps and A-B testing to get information on the quality and usability of your website design.

If you need help getting your analytics setup so you can have the data you need to make the right marketing decisions contact me now by phone or email.  

Website Design (Content Management Systems and Custom Designs)

Web design used to be all anyone thought about on the web.  It’s still important having the right design and the right structure can be crucial for the success of your business.  One thing I see forgotten in design is designing with a plan.  Your website should have a purpose and be built to efficiently perform that task.   If it is,  your losing customers all day long….  Need your website evaluated contact me I will inspect your website and analytics and give you some independent information.  You don’t need to hire me to fix it just to tell you what could be better.

Internet Graphic Design (Info-Graphics, Banners, and More)

Graphic Design on the web? Seems to be a lost art but quality graphics and banners can influence your conversion rate. Getting info-graphics made can also push you ahead of your competition in the serps. If you need quality design help contact me.

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Authorship)

Local Places (Advertizing, Citations, Listings and More)

Local Places should be one of the most used marketing tools for any business that has a local presence. It can be a powerful tool to drive business to you over desktops and mobile devices. Contact me to se how you can rank in the top 7 of GOOGLE PLACES listings.

Online Media (Video, Flash, PDF, Webinars, and More)

Contact me for more information on this topic I would be happy to explain my views on online media development and implementation.